Website Pricing

Because we do not use templates and we match our design to your desires, each design has different requirements. We encourage you to contact us and explain what you are looking for. We will then create a customized estimate and solution to meet your specific needs.

Below is an example of a basic site cost:

Domain Registration (per year)$9.99
Website Hosting (per year) $59.99
Basic Website Design & Startup (one time)$500
Additional Options/Features - (see features to the right) varies based on selected features
Total $569.98

Domain Registration

Your domain name (e.g. "") will be something you can select. We will work with you on the selection process and make sure you find a domain that suits your site. We will also help make your domain searchable from google where anyone browsing the web can find your site.

Website Hosting

Web hosting refers to the storage space which your site will need to store text, pictures, and any other media. We will make sure that you site has very little down time and operates as quick as possible for your visitors.

Site Design & Startup

One of the most important aspects of your new website will be your design; this is what will keep visitors on your site and then keep them coming back to see your site. We will work with you to collect all of the information you want on your site and then create layouts which are appealing. The possibilities are endless here; we can work with ideas that you have in mind or you can sit back and let us do all the thinking-it's really up to you!

Top Features

Traffic Analytics
It may be important to you to see how many people are visiting your website each week. We can set up analytics to help you in your marketing plan.
Searchable From The Web
We can make your website searchable by even the most well-known search providers such as google, bing, yahoo, etc. When people search the web for your business name or even your business type for your city or surrounding area, your site will be at the top of the list!
Fillable Forms
Web forms are a great way to collect information from your customers. You may want your customers to sumbit their name and phone number for example so that you can contact them about their inquiry. We can have the form information e-mailed to you, stored in a database, or both!
Google Maps® Integration
You'll want your customers to be able to find you-we'll display an interactive map on your site where people can actually see your location; you may even want them to have the ability to enter their starting address to give them driving directions.
Media Rich Content
You want to display videos, photo galleries, or other media rich content on your site? -No problem. We can upload these directly to your site!
Graphic/Document Design
If you're just starting up or maybe want to give your business a fresh look, you may need to have a business logo designed. We can take care of that for you as we design your site. If you need print material designed and printed, we are very familiar with layout and design and will even take care of printing so that you see excellent quality and reasonablly priced print mateiral.
Custom Site
We will work with you to give you the site that fits you. We are not going to make you think inside of a box and force you to go with a typical template-style website.